What We Do

Crown Ribbon provides access to fractionalized ownership of one or more valuable horses on the blockchain. This shared ownership model is called horse syndication and has historically only been available to a very limited number of people.

Through a standardized offering, Crown Ribbon brings this opportunity to a wide audience via regulatory-compliant tokens on a public blockchain. Like shares in a company, these tokens give holders skin in the game and the chance to invest in an exciting industry.

Step One

New or existing horse syndicates apply to be added to the platform. Explore 721 Ranch, our first syndicate.

Step Two

Crown Ribbon submits an offering circular to be qualified by the SEC under Regulation A+. Regulation A+ is an exemption from SEC registration requirements that normally apply to public offerings of securities.

Step Three

After qualification, Crown Ribbon creates tokens that represent ownership of the horse syndicate and offers them to the general public. Horse fans, blockchain enthusiasts, and investors can purchase the tokens and speculate on the success of their favorite horse syndicate.

Step Four

When horse syndicates generate profits through racing, breeding, or other means, managers distribute dividends to token holders or reinvest them into the syndicate. Holders can freely trade the tokens as they wish on the open market.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain technology facilitates access for token holders to decentralized finance, often referred to as DeFi. DeFi applications offer exciting new opportunities for investors like instant swaps via decentralized secondary markets, access to collateralized borrowing, and exposure to a worldwide audience. New DeFi applications are being launched every day, and the possibilities are endless.

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