The Crown Ribbon Story

Crown Ribbon was formed around a desire to disrupt the performance-horse industry through the use of blockchain technology. Hifi, a decentralized lending protocol, and Chad Beus a 30-year veteran of the horse industry are the forces behind this unique initiative to make horse ownership accessible to the masses.

“For many racers, their horse is their most valuable possession, more valuable than their home and vehicles. Tapping into that value through traditional means isn’t an option. Even for the best racing operations, traditional financial institutions lack the experience and expertise to underwrite these non-standard assets. With Crown Ribbon that all changes!"

- Doug Leonard, CEO of Hifi

About Hifi

Hifi Finance is a fixed-rate, fixed-term lending platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Designed to empower users to lend and borrow against crypto assets without any surprises, the Hifi ecosystem continues to expand with partnerships and projects to provide new opportunities for driving usage and TVL.

Hifi is also the driving force behind Pawn Bots, an NFT collection built from the ground up to be effective collateral to borrow against. In addition, it has been a supporting force behind Sablier, the token streaming protocol changing the way people get paid with crypto.

About Chad

Chad is the founder of multiple successful ventures in the horse industry. He founded and oversees Pink Buckle, Ruby Buckle, and The Breeders Halter Futurity. He brings his expertise and business savvy to make horse ownership more attainable through Crown Ribbon

“We were impressed with Hifi, their team, expertise, and passion to use technology to change the world in a positive way. We were eager to partner with the Hifi team to welcome newcomers into the performance horse economy.”

- Chad Beus, Managing Director of Crown Ribbon

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